Bay Area Small Business Finance- About Us

Bay Area Small Business Finance


You support our clients.

Bay Area Small Business Finance is a division of OBDC Small Business Finance, a 35 year old non-profit organization dedicated to providing capital to Bay Area small businesses unable to obtain loans from banks.   OBDC is a Community Development Financial Institution, and one of the nation’s top SBA Community Advantage lenders. Although we don’t advertise, it’s likely you have purchased goods and services from our clients, or learned about them through national media outlets.

We only lend to local businesses.

Our passion is local small business.  Since 1979, we’ve only been lending to small businesses located within the nine Bay Area counties and look forward to working with you!

The bank’s best kept secret.

If an entrepreneur doesn’t qualify for a business loan from a bank, a resourceful banker will often refer you to a trusted alternative lender such as us. The majority of our clients come from bank referrals. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs fall just short of their eligibility or underwriting guidelines by a check-box or two. We term this as being “near-bankable.”

As much as we love our clients, our objective is to provide access to capital until the business matures to a stage where it qualifies for conventional banking credit. (Think of us as a catalyst towards becoming “bankable.”) Why? Banks are able to offer diverse credit and lending solutions for nearly every kind of business situation at highly competitive rates. We find having options is typically a good thing!

Are we conservative? No. Are we fair? Yes.

Although we lend to “near-bankable” clients, we continue to maintain responsible – yet practical – lending standards while adjusting to the local challenges Bay Area small businesses encounter through these ever-changing times.