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Bay Area Small Business Finance: The Bay Area’s Small Business Financing Solution.

Trusted SBA term loans.

Our name says it all. We take local, small businesses seriously here at Bay Area Small Business Finance.

For small businesses seeking an SBA loan, we may be your lending source. Whether you’re seeking to start, expand, acquire, or improve cashflow, our SBA lending can make it happen.

Please review the table below to determine if we may be the best fit for your small business.

For small businesses that aren’t bankable, there is a trusted, non-profit, non-bank, SBA-direct lender– Bay Area Small Business Finance.

Youʼre busy running your small business.
Weʼre focused on providing capital to entrepreneurs that are “near-bankable,”
meaning, they just miss the conventional lending standards by a hurdle or two.

 Together, weʼll make a not-so-enjoyable process a bit more bearable (digestible?) so
you can focus on what you do best; growing your business.

 If youʼre in the market for business capital, we suggest following the three simple
steps so you can save time and money.